Tell Me Why

Premiering at Brighton Fringe - May 2021 - Tell Me Why - a performance by the gender neutral, avant garde collective NoAgEnDeR at OneChurch Gloucester Place from 28/5/21-1/6/21.  Doors open 7.30pm, bar before performance. 

 Join us for an intimate portrayal of life outside the mainstream and how it really was for marginalised individuals finding and fighting for their rights. The show celebrates our cast's right to live as their authentic selves without apology or judgement. The evening takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride through queer life over the last 50 years. 

Featuring a soundtrack of original songs and resonant tracks from standout events in queer history. Lavishly produced with sets and costumes by our creative director Mr Venus, this show is a fantasy journey through the highs and lows and extreme fashions of queer and trans culture. It will surprise you, move you and change the way you think.


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